Grand Master's Invitation to Emergent Meeting :: Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario

"Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the King."   1 Peter 2:17

"We trust in the LORD our God."   2 Kings 18:22

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart"   Proverbs 3:5

Civil and Religious Liberty for all, special privileges for none.

Grand Master's Invitation to Emergent Meeting

Greetings from the Grand Master: Brethren: Firstly allow me to bring my personal and fraternal greetings to you all. By way of the attached proclamation I invite all members to attend the upcoming meetings. You will notice that there are two dates for this year’s Provincial Grand Lodge sessions. Firstly on Saturday April the 12th at the Brampton Orange Hall we will be having an emergent meeting to deal with the proposed changes to the Constitution and Laws. The results and our response will be forwarded to the Grand Lodge of Canada for consideration at their sessions this coming June. It is strongly felt by your executive that due to the size and scope of this document and knowing the time and effort spent by primary and county lodges that a separate meeting is warranted to deal with this item. This way we can focus our energy at the Provincial Sessions in Burlington to the all-important future of our association. Your Grand Lodge Executive and Officers on top of the day to day operation of this Grand Body have spent a great deal of time along with the Action Committee focusing on the future of the association and moving forward with our plans to market ourselves to the public and potential new membership in a new and positive light. The new web site “” is now up and running. Please have a look at it and forward your upcoming events so we can promote your lodges. We will be unveiling an exciting new direction for Ontario West which I’m confident you will all want to be a part of. The only thing missing is your support. I encourage each and every member to attend these meetings. We need your input especially our newer members; you are indeed the future of our lodges. Even if you do not have a vote I appeal to you all to attend these sessions. We need to have participation from all members to make positive, clear and wise choices for our future. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to make their voice heard. In closing; it has been my Honor and Privilege to serve as your Grand Master for this past year and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you all both in Brampton and Burlington. Sincerely and Fraternally R.W. Bro Keith Wright Provincial Grand Master Ontario West