Annual Wayne Lowery Lob Ball Tournament :: Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario

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Annual Wayne Lowery Lob Ball Tournament

Once again Orangemen and women, with their families and friends joined together early on this Sunday morning August the 17th to take part in the Wayne Lowery Memorial Lob Ball Charity Tournament, in the village of Tyrone in Ontario East.

The members of Kendal LOL 405 welcomed all players and teams from east and west.  The County Orange Lodge of Toronto has been taking part since 2004, when they won in their first year at the tournament and again last year in 2013.

This year 4 teams took part in this tournament and although, most of the players take the game serious, all of them know that it is all in fun and for charity.  It must be said, that all the members, families and friends who attended this year gave their best and a great time was had by all. 

The raining champs of last year’s tournament, was forced to face a formidable team from Toronto as well, as the Vimy lodge sought to win in their first year on the diamond.  Alas even the champs from the county of Toronto were upset by their long-time rivals from Kendal and lost by only a run or two.  The County Master of Toronto will attend their District meeting and present the trophy to the new champions of the tournament with a challenge to retake the trophy next year.  Remembering the hard work and dedication of Brother Wayne Lowery to bring members and families together and the fun of the sport is only second to the fact that Kendal will donate $600.00 to a charity of their choice.

See you all next year on the diamond to do it all over again.  In a game like this everyone wins.