156th Annual Session of the Loyal Orange County Lodge of Toronto :: Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario

"Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the King."   1 Peter 2:17

"We trust in the LORD our God."   2 Kings 18:22

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart"   Proverbs 3:5

Civil and Religious Liberty for all, special privileges for none.

156th Annual Session of the Loyal Orange County Lodge of Toronto

156th Annual Meeting


The 156th Annual Session of the Loyal Orange of Toronto took place on Saturday January 24th 2015 at the County Orange Hall of Toronto, 417 Kennedy Rd. in Scarborough.  The meeting began at 10 am.  Reports of the years activities, as well as reports of committees were presented for the memberships information and approval.  Along with the usual business of the day the County Master, Rt. Wor. Bro. Donald Guy welcomed the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario West, Rt. Wor. Bro. Keith Wright and the  Most Wor. Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Canada M. Wr. Bro. John Chalmers.


At the conclusion of the afternoon the County Master Bro. Donald Guy called upon the Grand Master Bro. Keith Wright to conduct the election of officers of the County of Toronto for the year 2015.


The results of the election are as follows;


County Master;                                                 Bro. Gerry Morgan

Deputy Master;                                 Bro. Thomas Forster

Jr. Deputy Master;                          Bro. Jeremy Metcalfe

County Chaplain;                             Bro. Rev. Dennis Glazier

County Secretary;                             Bro. Donald Guy

County Treasurer;                            Bro. Adrian Watt

County Financial Secretary;         Bro. Craig Oliver

County Marshal;                               Bro. Kevin Guy

1st Lecturer;                                         Bro. John Thomas

2nd Lecturer;                                       Bro. Neil Reid.


The Public Installation of these officers will take place on Sunday February 22nd 2015 at the County Orange Hall, 417 Kennedy Rd. in Scarborough.


For full details and information please visit the County Website at www.orangelodge.org